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Joy Warren at Truth Juice Hull – Wed 17th May

Truth Juice Hull Presents Joy Warren: The Dangers Of Fluoride

7:30pm – Wednesday 17th May – Walton Street Club  Map
In light of Hull City Council’s proposal to fluoridate the drinking water in Hull, and the £58,000 being spent on a feasibility study, fluoridation expert Joy Warren will be coming up from the West Midlands to talk to the people of Hull about the dangers of adding fluoride to public drinking water.
JOY WARREN BSc. (Hons) Environmental Science


Joy has worked in the West Midlands all her life, including several years in Government Departments and at the University of Warwick.

She gained a BSc. (Hons) in Environmental Science in 2002 following which she inspired the Warwick Environment Network which was succeeded by Warwick University adopting formal environment programmes.



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Interview with Paul Connett PhD

Exclusive new interview with environmental chemist and toxicologist, co-author of The Case Against Fluoride, Professor Paul Connett PhD. (April 2017)

On a whirlwind speaking tour of Europe, Professor Connett dropped by Bedford, where a water fluoridation contract dating back to 1970 is being fought hard, to share his thoughts and expertise on the topic. A MUST WATCH for anyone questioning the safety of fluoride and activists everywhere.

Towards the end, Connett calls for a unifying safe food and safe water campaign that brings all the fracking, clean water, GMO, pesticide and other campaigns under one powerful all-encompassing banner.

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“Water Fluoridation Conversation” at Hull Science Festival 2nd April 2017

Background to questions which were asked at ‘The Conversation’ at Hull University on 2nd April 2017

(Click here to read full questions and answers)

Q1. Relates to Project Catfish.
Q2. Report produced by Bedford Public Health England.
Q3. Long-held Labour Party ‘belief’ that WF reduces dental health inequalities.
Q4. Related to water treated to make it potable.
Q5. UK Government’s Committee on Toxicity published its recommendations
Q6. British Standard advice. 
Q7. Evidence base that fluoride reduces a child’s intelligence is steadily growing.

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Severe health spending cuts in Hull, but not for fluoridation!

Full Article shared from the Hull Daily Mail

Health services are being cut by £1.1m and this is what will go

By AllisonCoggan  |  Posted: February 13, 2017

Hull’s public health budget is to be slashed by £1.1m to prop up massive overspends in adult social care and children’s services.

Drugs, alcohol abuse and stop smoking services will take the biggest hit while sexual health, obesity and children and young people’s public health services will all be cut from April as Hull City Council attempts to save £16.6m.

However, £50,000 will still be used to fund a feasibility study into a controversial plan to fluoridate the city’s water supply. Only funding for mental health, accident prevention, community safety and feeding and nutrition for babies will escape the cuts.